We can’t promise to sell your home fast, but we have seen that Home Staging helps to sell homes faster. We outline the process so that clients can see how it can work for them.

1. Walk thru: Leslie “the house whisperer” listens to the house to determine exactly what it requires and gives a quote to the agent and client.

Many factors determine the cost of staging. Location, square footage, style and logistics are among the top important factors. To those agents wishing us to give a presumptive price the best description of cost would be to charge 3 to 5 dollars per square foot.

It is highly advised that a meeting be set between agent and homeowner or acting representative and our staging company for a more accurate and correct pricing.

2. Client agrees to staging contact and signs it, provides check and key.
3. Our Design Team meets to discuss schedule and logistics and secures furniture for client.
4. Design associate aquires any missing furniture pieces preping for staging.
5. On day of staging, moving crew moves furniture into clients home.
6. Our Design team moves furniture into place, begins the designing process to bring it all together with accessories.
7. The agent makes sure a pro photographer (we have a list if you need) is hired to capture the awesome staging.
8. Agent markets listing, pricing it aggressively.
9. The open house brings in many many agents and potential buyers.
9. The listing can sell within a month and up to six months, depending on many variables.
10. Home sells. Everyone is happy.
11. We remove furniture once contingencies are lifted or buyer decides to buy furniture.