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1440 Arroyo View Dr., Pasadena

Leslie Whitlock Staging & Design offers Home Staging in the Pasadena area. We are a quality staging company in the Home Staging business since 2008. We have Home Staged Pasadena real estate listings for all the major real estate agencies in Pasadena. We are highly sought after as we provide a showroom element that appeals to buyers of real estate. We have seen home staging get the results that home sellers require to many times expedite the sale of a listing. We look as Home Staging as a valued investment.

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Listings Home Staged in Pasadena

Prospect Blvd. , City of Pasadena 3760 Hampton Rd., Pasadena 80 N Raymond Ave #101, Pasadena 211 S. Wilson Ave., Pasadena 1954 Brigden Rd., Pasadena 1440 Arroyo View Dr., Pasadena 717 Everts St., Pasadena 1900 Mentone Ave, Pasadena 1736 Mentone Ave, Pasadena 1303 Wentworth, Pasadena