For Home Investors, Home Staging can be key to a wise home investment business. Home Investors need to minimize their expenses in order to ensure a profit in the Home Investing Business. These facts about Home Staging make it a viable investment:

1) Professional Staged Home makes it easy for the buyer to envision living in their “home”.

2) Presents the home in the best light for photography that draws a majority of buyers who initially use the internet in their home search process.

3) A Professionally Staged Home will stand out among the many listings visually.

4) A Staged home is presented as a clean, de-cluttered, well maintained home.

5) If the property lingers on the market, the agent can recommend price adjustments starting at $5000. That same money could’ve been instead used to add property value with a Professional Staging.

6) Professionally Staged Homes statistically sell faster, which saves everyone’s time from endless showings.

7) Professionally Staged Homes statistically sell for more than asking price and many times receive multiple offers.

8) A Professionally Staged Home is an excellent return on investment in comparison to a property that lingers on the market.

9) A Professionally Staged Home creates demand for a turnkey listing.

10) First impressions are important. A Professionally Staged Home gets you started right.

Home Staging can save time by helping potential buyers to envision a staged showroom and how the house can look as a livable home. Home Staging can create demand and potentially a bidding war where buyers will bid higher than the asking price. We have seen this happen and everyone is happy: seller, buyer, and realtor.

Home Staging can make the process of building a home or renovating to resell a viable business. If your listing is competing with other listings on the market, it will need to show in its best possible way…Home Staging makes it work.

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