Home Staging Design Consultation

Preparing your home for sale can be an overwhelming process. Your realtor agent may have recommended staging. You may just have design questions on how to make your home presentable for todays discerning buyer. For those budget conscious sellers we offer “Design Consultation” to help walk you through the basics to get your home marketable and viable cosmetically for the competitive real estate marketplace. Should you decide you want to stage with us, we would credit the consultation fee towards the balance of the grander staging project. Call us today for A Design Consultation.

• We offer up to 2 hours of professional design advice
• Great for owner occupied spaces that only need designer’s expert opinion
• Design style inspiration, included with paint and furnture recommendations
• A Shopping List for furniture offered at retail locations
• A basic punch-list for your contractor for simple cosmetic fixes

Why hire us?

We have staged hundreds of homes in 9 years of working in real estate. We offer proven advice that works to sell homes.

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