Frequently Asked Questions about Home Staging

How would you briefly define “Staging” ?

Staging is the process of furniture placement in a home that allows the prospective buyer to envision themselves in a comfortable contemporary surrounding.

How much does staging cost?

Many factors are involved in quoting the price for staging a home.. The size of the house..
The qualities of the home..
The distance or location of the project..
In most cases this includes.. Installation.. Setup and design . Rental until close of escrow.. And removal.

Call us for a walk-through and quote.

What are Buyers responding to? Neutrals/Colors? Themes?

Both vintage and modern homes can benefit from staging..
Vintage homes with small rooms can appear larger with minimal but comfortable furnishings..
Contemporary homes with open floor plan use staging at its best advantage with qualification of space.. Where to place the sofa.. Which direction does Furniture face.. Answering these questions allows the homeowner to see the project in a more personal light.

I often work with a theme in my staging called California contemporary.. This is a comfortable clean group of furnishings that begin with a neutral palette.. We then add color sporadically in pillows and artwork..
Possibly a dash of color under foot on a beautiful carpet..

Do you ever work with people who are not selling their home, and are intrigued by the “staging” concept?

We have recently begun working with clients who are not selling their home but actually having their home photographed for a specific purpose..
Most recently a very contemporary custom built home along Moholland drive .
The incredible view from this hillside home makes it a perfect candidate for film and television location.. This home was staged to show set decorating possibilities for the film industry..

What would you say is your Number One Must-Do? i.e. lighting, floors, paint color ???

If a home is going on the market definitely the most important would be a combination of all three lighting, flooring, and paint..
‘If budget is the restraint I would start with paint’..
A clean contemporary soft white color throughout a home is by far the most economic and stylish way 2 ready a house for sale.
I strongly advise staying away from first apartment white like Navajo.. This white is flat and unattractive to skin tones..

Flooring has come so far in the last several years.. Wide plank flooring.. And beautiful reproduction floors called engineered wood come in amazing bleach tones and wood stain colors.

Considering which direction you want to take your house in either sleek or rustic direction.. The floor will help in making that decision..

Then there is lighting.. Every renovation benefits from recessed ceiling lighting.
Many vintage homes have no ceiling lighting whatsoever in secondary rooms.

I am often asked to bring in more lamps because of this lack of lighting..

Qualifying space..
Enticing the buyer with an emotional appeal..
Staging works on every level..